Quick Reference Guide to Urinary Incontinence Treatment

flotrol bladder control reviewsUrinary incontinence treatment choices range from lifestyle changes to surgery, depending upon the underlying problems causing it in the first place. However, there is no one perfect treatment and finding the treatment that suits you best may mean trying more than one approach at a time.

One medication found to be very effective for urinary incontinence is Flotrol. It is an over-the-counter-drug whose use and effectiveness are detailed in the flotrol bladder control reviews you can find right here.

In the development of a treatment plan, your preferences play an important part. A good first step would be taking less invasive treatments that are helpful although they may not be as effective as surgical procedures, which now have become less invasive themselves, requiring less recovery periods. Active researches for treatments are continually going on and new approaches are always in development.

Urinary incontinence treatment options include lifestyle changes, muscle conditioning without exercise, medications, surgical procedures and other procedures.

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Lifestyle changes involve bladder training, fluid management, pelvic floor physical therapy and biofeedback. Electrical stimulation is the primary procedure in muscle conditioning without exercise.

Medications, on the other hand, include alpha-adrenergic agonists, anticholinergics, cholinergics, DDAVP, tricyclic antidepressants, alpha-adrenergic antagonists and estrogen, depending on the area of the overactive bladder problem being resolved.

Surgical procedures for urinary incontinence treatment consist of slings, open or laparoscopic bladder neck suspension, artificial urinary sphincter and sacral neuromodulation.

Other urinary incontinence management procedures are bulking agent injection, percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation and botulinum toxin injection.